Web Analytics

Make data driven marketing decisions. Get to know your most effective channels and continuously improve delivery to grow your business. We set and monitor marketing KPI's based on the RICE Marketing Framework, tracking Reach, Interaction, Conversion & Engagement rates.

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Marketing Intelligently

Data that helps you to improve your marketing strategy & tactics.
Complete Digital Marketing Solution

Performance Management

We'll help to set marketing KPI's based on your business strategy and customize our analytics and reports to track it's progress.


Attribution Analysis

Identify your source of traffic and it's conversion rates, providing you with the vital ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) data.

Optimize Strategy

Improve your content marketing strategy and marketing funnels by identifying best conversion path, top content and other information.

Data Driven Marketing Management

Continously improve marketing performance and gain deeper understanding of customer behavior

Reach Analysis

How did your potential leads find you? How effective are your SEO, PPC or social media marketing tactics. How many unique visitors and what's the bounce rate? Which keywords where you rank best and is there any new keywords that you can capitalize on?

Interaction Analysis

How many pages do your visitors browse through per visit? How many leads have you obtained in this period? What's the % of conversion from visitors to leads?. Which medium is most effective for signing up leads? Newsletter? Ebook? or just plain old contact form?


Conversion Analysis

Send a broadcast message or schedule an email message to be sent at a specific date & time. Send messages to all of your contacts or customize a campaign to a specific customer segment. You can even personalize each email with the customer name!

Engagement Analysis

Automatically send a welcome email to anyone that has submitted an enquiry via your website or have entered your mailing list. Sent a series of emails (drip marketing) to your leads to continue to engage them, or even to new customers to onboard them into your business.


Identify Sources

Identify the source of your website traffic, whether it's email marketing, social media, affiliates, organic search or paid search and capitalize on your most profitable source.

Campaign Reports

The website would be delivered over SSL (Secure Security Layer), with security monitoring and built in malware scanner & removal engine. Web software would constantly be maintained and updated with the latest version with backup's available for easy restoration.