Market Research

AI based customer intelligence. The most accurate, holistic and granular target groups profile available. With Rascasse, any company, brand or organization can not only gain deep audience insights, but is also empowered to act upon these.

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Data that helps you to improve and design your customer experience
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Quantitative Market Research

We do not ask, we observe what people actually do. Hence, most of our analyses are based on the behavior of millions of users, not on the stated opinions of a few hundred or thousand respondents. Also, there is no field time - results are available in 72 hours max.


Social Media Monitoring

We analyze the online behavior of millions of users and can drill down the data points to even cities, zip codes (Not available for Malaysia) or within your defined target group. Creating a holistic picture of your customers. All of that 100% GDPR compliant.


Business Intelligence

We offer you data on every aspect of life. Which coffee brand do they prefer while listening to which radio station in the morning? Not to speak of competition data. All of that, easy and fast to implement at your next strategy meeting.

AI Driven Customer Insights

Rascasse proprietery technology analyzes the traces people leave online across a multitude of platforms such as Facebook, Google, Spotify and Wikipedia. These data are cross-validated and constantly improved using advanced machine learning technologies. Insights are presented in convenient browser-based interface. No more lengthy research reports.

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How Does Rascasse Help Marketing Teams?


Decide where to Sell

Find the best locations on a global, regional, country, city and postal-code level to place your offers. Be it shops, brands, products and product ranges or billboards, and organize your sales team efficiently.

Define Target Groups

Create campaign strategies that go beyond classic demographic segmentation, using analysis to identify tribes of people based on their interests, motivations, personalities and lifestyles. Do more than standard modeling to attract larger audiences for your existing content and channels.

Market Potential and Competition

Understand market characteristics and differentiate yourself from the competition with detailed glimpses into their facts & figures, identifying opportunities for conquest.

Sponsoring & Testimonial Decisions

Sponsor events, organizations, venues or TV shows that really matter to your audience in regard to size and affinities. Or understand which celebrities share your values, help your image and are beneficial to your goals.


Brand Communication

Get inspired and create content that will resonate with your audience and is based on the unique insights revealed by Rascasse.

 Optimize Advertising Spend

Easily identify affinities and reach between your products & services and potential advertisers. Create direct revenues and spend your money cleverly.