Marketing Automation

with MailWorx

Automate your tedious and time consuming tasks like sending emails to nurture leads, notifying sales and view the results in the same place. It's the extension of your marketing team, allowing you to be more efficient and effective, increasing your revenues.

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Grow with Marketing Automation

Our experts would help plan and develop tasks & sequences for your marketing campaigns.


We'll identify your target audience based on your products/services, then develop the landing page and content that would generate the most interest.



Capture leads and nurture them by delivering the right content at the right time up to the point of purchase. Integrate with CRM for a full picture.
Complete Digital Marketing Solution

GAIN Customer Insights

View customer's responses to your campaigns and easily identify hot prospects. Get campaign reports and review your funnel effectiveness.

Turn Leads Into Customers With Less Effort

Software to help your team convert leads and track your entire funnel in one place.

Email Marketing

Send a broadcast message or schedule an email message to be sent at a specific date & time. Send messages to all of your contacts or customize a campaign to a specific customer segment. You can even personalize each email with the customer name!

Contact Management

Import your current contact and automatically send new leads to your contact management system to manage them with ease. View recent contact activities and setup custom fields to store relevant information. Powerful search and filter features to locate contacts in database.



Group your customers to better target a specific message that is relevant to them. You can group by demographics, location, behavior, product and any other custom groupings, so you can customize your message for each specific groups.

Automated Campaigns

Automatically send a welcome email to anyone that has submitted an enquiry via your website or have entered your mailing list. Sent a series of emails (drip marketing) to your leads to continue to engage them, or even to new customers to onboard them into your business.


Site & Event Triggers

For the more advanced users, messages could be sent based on the activity the user has completed, such as viewed a specific page or click a specific button, practically any event that is of interest to your marketing team.

Contact Scoring

Know the value of each contact. Not every contact and sales opportunity is equal. Use contact data such as their details, interactions, behaviors, interests, and more to ensure you are pursuing the top opportunities first.