Marketing Automation


The Marketing Automation Advantage

Explore Why Businesses Should Implement Marketing Automation as part of the Digital Marketing Strategy

What’s Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation main function is to nurture and maintain engagement with leads and customers, eventually converting them into sales.

Nebworx’s Expertise

  • Deep website integration, seamlessly transfer details and track user engagements
  • Built In sales management feature to view interactions from lead upto sales.
  • Identify hot leads and trigger sales


Not all leads obtained are ready to purchase and not all are ideal customers. Marketing automation helps to identify highly propective clients and nurture them through your sales funnel, keeping them engaged and interested.


Marketing Automation sets up a predefined process consisting of content, data collection and sales triggers producing a higher level of efficiencies and sharing of information between marketing and sales team.


The process and data driven approach provides opportunity for your business to continually tweak the marketing automation to improve conversion rates and leverage on data collected to serve the client’s needs.

Top 8 Marketing Automation Features

What are the 8 essential features that we implement in marketing automation to grow your business revenues »

  • Lead Capture

    Software would store prospective customer details upon submission of interest (an email address at the minimum)

  • Lead Scoring

    Based on the marketing goals and objectives, engaged leads can be scored and easily identified as a hot or cold prospect

  • Audience Segmentation

    Group your customers and define each segment to deliver relevant messages for a highly targeted and personalized experience.

  • Triggered & Event Driven Messaging

    Also known as drip campaign, lead nurturing and other campaigns could be sent periodically, or based on the profile and behavior.

  • Online Profile & Behavior

    The capture of online profile data and individual behaviour allows businesses to build up a customer profile for marketing activities.

  • Basic Reporting & Analytics

    Examine data, monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and optimize marketing campaigns

  • CRM Integration

    Allows data to be synchronized between Marketing Automation and CRM systems, for better engagement and message delivery.

  • Email Marketing

    low cost and high performing tactic for one-to-one communication a core function of any Marketing Automation platform.

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    • Marketing Automation & CRM
    • Measurement & Optimisation

Why Marketing Automation?

The right marketing automation solution helps you to identify prospective buyers, deeply understand the progress of your marketing programs, accelerate buyers through your sales funnel, and focus on delivering top-notch service to your customers. The benefits of marketing automation allow you to expend less money and effort, and see higher returns.

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